Day 19, Sunday September 28th, Rome, Villa Borghese, and a friend.


Here I am in Rome. I love it here. I am posting some pics of the view from my room at the convent. I met up with Lucilla Ricottini (we met at Acadia National Park a few years ago and I finally contacted her, even though her number and e-mail have been sitting in my glove box for years). We ate at a posh Vegetarian Place called Il Margutta by the Spanish Steps, (very good just in case you find yourself in Rome). I then got to go to the Villa Borghese not sure how i got in considering there were no tickets available for two days but Lucilla worked some magic. Hee Hee. Thank You Lucilla!!It is one of my most favorite museums, Bernini sculptures galore, Caravaggio paintings, and just a gorgeous building. The Park surrounding the Villa Borghese is lots of fun as well, another Central Park, or public gardens of Boston, however, different, but in Rome. (Below pics : view from my room and Piazza del Popolo)